Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beach Day Must Haves!

With this California heatwave, all I can think about is the beach and not sitting in an office with no windows.
Seriously, it was about 80* when I got in my car to leave for work today.

Working on that sun kissed glow. Listening to the waves. Feet in the sand. Doesn't get much better.

I made a collage of all my beach essentials. Some are obvious and must haves, but we all have different things we like to drag along. I am pretty simple when it comes to beach visits, I take what I can carry and that's about it. No need for too much.....the beach is for relaxation. And too much stuff, brings stress. No need.

Now I know the photo speaks for itself, but just a few words from this sun chaser...

Every year I get a new bathing suit, and this year I think this blue & white striped number will make its way onto my body very soon. Very nautical and I am just in love! If you haven't tried Sun Bum lip balm, you are missing out. The pink top, aka Pomegranate, is a fav. Smells yummy and doesn't taste so bad either ;) Oh and don't forget your phone, I mean how can we go to the beach and not post it on instagram?!?

Now to count down the days until I am enjoying the sun on the beach.... I may end up there Sunday, if I'm lucky. Following along on insta @ _lindsayalexis_ to see my toes in the sand ;)

Happy Friday Eve Sun Worshippers!