Tuesday, May 6, 2014


+ drinking a rum and coke! I realized this isn't very Mexican of me for Cinco de Drink, but a drink is a drink if it's made right and gets the buzz on.

+ waiting to find out when I will be heading to Texas to visit my sister. Haven't seen her in a year and a half and it is killing me. Yes, it is!! Dad, if you're reading this...hurry your ass up and decide on dates! Oh yea, and I will get to see mom too.
I miss this huge face like crazy! 

+ cannot stop playing 2048. It is an addiction for me and Tony right now. Even though it is an individual game, we totally compete against each other. At first I was the rockstar, but...as of late, I have become the second winner. Yes, the second winner!

+ figuring out wedding deets for the upcoming nuptials {May 17th} of a long time friend. Hair, nails, makeup, rehearsal. The list goes on. And keeps getting a little more expensive than I planned. I just dropped my dress off for alterations. And speaking of, never again will I listen to David's Bridal about what size to get. I totally should have gone with the smaller size, then I wouldn't have to pay for alterations. #bridesmaidprobz

+ wearing yoga pants. Why can these pants not be acceptable anywhere and everywhere?!?! I mean seriously, they are the most comfy ever. They make me look like I have an ass, so Tony likes them. They are black, so clearly they go with everything. What's the prob?!?!

+ listening to cars constantly honking at each other! It's like the longer you hold the horn down, the more you make your point?? Nope not that case people!!! It is...the more you piss people off, therefore the more likely they will cut you off again...on purpose this time.

+ in need of a vacation. Life and work has been crazy stressful and I just want to get away and not think about it one bit! I am thinking of Palm Springs. There is something so relaxing about staying in a condo or hotel on a golf course, lounging at the pool all day, no tv, just quiet . Yup...I need that! Now, if only money grew on trees. Mom, let's go back!!! ;)

Happy T-4 days until the weekend!!!


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness I'm so addicted to 2048!!! Michael and I compete against each other too! Right now I'm in the lead, with 12108!!!! woohoo! haha

Kate said...

I can't believe you haven't seen your sister for that long. I feel like she was just out visiting you! That's gotta be hard and I sure hope you all figure out dates and get your ass to Texas soon :)