Friday, May 16, 2014

Ready to Party

This weekend is going to be all sorts of fun.
Why you ask?
Well, let me tell you ;)

1. I am getting a mani/pedi with all the bridesmaid this morning for the wedding on Saturday. And that means, I will be taking another day off. No complaining here...I love taking Fridays off!! Maybe I should make it a set thing.

2. Friday evening is my ultrasound school graduation. After 2 years of hard work, lots of tears, multiple conversations about wanting to quit, lots of laughs, an insane amount of stress. I am done!! Oh and I scheduled my license exam, so please please send lots of positive thoughts/vibes/prayers, what you feel like doing. I am slightly, ok extremely nervous!
{my college graduation in 2007}

3. And with said graduation, I feel like the husband and dad and sisters {that is...if they the latter attend} should take me out to dinner. If not the dad and sisters, Tony better! At least for a celebratory drink ;) He suffered through this time with me. And in a short 5 weeks, we will be celebrating his graduation!!!

4. Saturday is the BIG day! My friend that I have known since 7th grade will be getting married. The bridal party will be up early and getting all beautified, drinking mimosas and whatever other alcohol ends up being around and lots of silly girl talk. Come reception time...drinks, dancing, drinks, celebrating with friends!
{papas and beer in ensenada}

5. Saturday also marks one of my besties birthdays. The big 3-1!!! She is in the wedding as well, and a huge birthday whore {as she put it in a text yesterday}, so I may or may not bring her a little something so she knows we didn't forget one of the most important days of the year  ;) 
{our signature dance. yes, we have a dance}

6. Speaking of the wedding, I have a funny little story.... so the other day I got to pick up my dress from alterations. I didn't try it on because #1 I didn't think of it truthfully #2 I was in a hurry to get to my physical at the doctors. I get home from running around and try it on. Doesn't fit!! Yup, doesn't f-ing fit!!! O-M-G!! So I think to myself, ok maybe I just can't zip it. I will wait for Tony, see if he can help. Yet I freak out alllllll day. Tony gets home. He can't zip it. Totally freak out mode going on here. I rush to the alterations place 5 minutes before close. I tell her it doesn't fit. She jokes with me, did you gain weight?!? Umm really?!?!? Not funny lady! Not to mention, fake boobs, sooooo not sure how it all of a sudden doesn't fit. Yea explain that... Anyways she kept saying to herself, I don't know how this happened. I but in and say, No idea but the wedding is Saturday morning...not really but still...I need this fixed now. Ok ok ok....I will have it ready for you 7:30am on Saturday. Ummm ok....I have to be at the hotel at 8:30am Saturday morning. Talk about stress. Has this ever happened to someone?!? I mean come on now...this is your job, you do this all day every day!!! How do you make it that much smaller??? Seriously it is like an inch too small in the chest....

Well that my friends is what this weekend entails. I'm kind of excited! No be prepared for me to blow up your instagram feed {_lindsayalexis_} this weekend. If you aren't already following along what are you waiting for?!?!? Head over to the party! ;)

Happy Friday!!!
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Katie said...

That totally happened to me with my bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding! I got it and it didn't fit at all, them telling me I gained weight, blah blah and that it would be ready two days before the wedding. Only problem was the wedding was in Arizona and I was leaving 5 days before. Needless to say, they fixed it for me by the next day, but it was so stressful!

reham magdy said...


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Hope the wedding was amazing! How STRESSFUL about the dress!! Did the woman fix it in time?!