Monday, May 12, 2014

Scenes From The Weekend

Happy Monday! Or is it?? Anyone else agree that Mondays come just way too fast?!?! Seriously not cool!! Our weekend was busy and full and I loved every minute of it!

* Friday night we headed out with friends to celebrate a few birthdays. Chips, salsa, margaritas and tequila shots #duh  Of course no photos were of actual people, just the alcohol. Apparently that's how we roll. 

 * Saturday was a gorgeous day. We got up early to meet the pops and sisters for some hard labor at work, then again in the late evening. But in between, we walk around Calabasas and people watched. For lunch we stopped by Marmalade Cafe, a place my mom has raved about for years. The wild mushroom soup...amazing!!! I am not a fan of mushrooms, but this was delicious. Then because duh we are in Calabasas, we had to get a slice of Susie Cakes, red velvet cake. Obviously my favorite cake/cupcake place in the world wide world!

 * Sunday we spent the first half of the day with my day. When neither mom lives near us, we pretend it's Father's Day ;)  The three of us went shooting back in the hills. It was soooo windy. Oh my word. Our targets kept getting blown away and dust constantly blowing in our eyes. Definitely made for some fun!

* Since my mom wasn't able to hang out with her favorite daughter, she settled for this gorgeous blondie! ;) Miss you both so much!!! Cannot wait to squeeze you, cuddle with you, & talk to you face to face ;) 


Lindsay Ropella said...

Hey Lindsay, I'm Lindsay (awesome, right?) from The Newlywed Notebook! I just came across your blog through Living in Yellow and have to tell you that I'm LOVING it! It seems we have a lot in common (other than our name) so I'm excited to follow along with you! Nice to "meet" you :) lol

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