Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wedding Fun!

Friday afternoon started the wedding extravaganza!!!
mani/pedi, rehearsal, drinking, laughing till we cried and hanging out with some of the best girls I know! 

{the clan. the best girlies.}

 I had to take a photo here...the rehearsal dinner was at the location of our wedding. Good times!
{my new favorite dress from forever21}
  Both our husband didn't attend, so naturally we were each other's date! Love her!!!

Saturday was wedding day!!
It started at 7:30a and ended at 11:30p. Laughs, food, drinks, and loads of fun! 
 {#nomakeup!! started the day off right...with mimosas!}

{party hardy!!! #duckface}

{my love!!}

Such a fabulous weekend! Always sad to see it end, but love the millions of photos we have and great memories that were had. Now everyone in the clan is married :) Congrats to Becky & James!