Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Confess Sesh

I confess....I really miss my long hair. It was so easy to deal with. I could curl it. Mop it on top of my head. Braid it. I could do anything with it. I miss it!!!
I confess....I crave Peanut MnM's Only the best candy ever!!! Well besides Reese's and Red Licorice and Sour Patch Kids.

I confess...I want overall shorts. Total 90s I know, but seriously jean overalls...I die!!
I confess....I am so over work! Like I have no desire whatsoever to be there. Over it in every way possible.

I confess....I am super stoked for 4th of July!!! It is on a Friday which means, three day weekend baby!!! We haven't been able to really celebrate the 4th in a few years, since always working the following day, so needless to say we are excited!

I confess....while in Texas, I actually didn't mind it there. I was ok with being there. Could possibly see myself living there again. And by there I mean the Austin area #omgdidijustadmitthat?!?!?!
I confess....we stopped drinking alcohol during the week, and hey guess what! I feel waaaay less bloated and fluffy.

I confess....these are addicting!!! We ate the entire bag over the weekend. Do yourself a favor and try them!
I confess....I am trying very hard to give up coffee. I went two days, yes 2!!!, without any. But I had a cup yesterday morning because we got up super early to rush out of the house so we stopped by StarB. And speaking of StarB, I have gone there only 2 times since I have been home from Texas. Saving money, one coffee at a time. Go me!!! ;)


Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

Some days I really miss my long hair too. I curled my shorter hair for the first time today and it just doesn't look the same. Wahhh.

Cece said...

Chips aren't allowed in our house for that very reason!! I better not try them. : )

Brittney, Breaking Free said...

OMG I remember wearing jean overalls back in the day Loved them with my guess crop top HAHA

I cant give up caffeine I get really bad headaches :(

Katie said...

you look so pretty in these pics friend!! I have been doing the caffeine/coffee thing as well..I think I've had one in about 2 weeks! yayyyy!