Wednesday, June 11, 2014

hit the Texas

Two weeks ago, I hit the road to Texas. With my dad. The long long long drive to Texas.
First stop, Starbucks. Dad is obsessed with Starbucks....more so than I am. He knows where every single one is on the I-10. Good thing though, that is what kept us awake most of the way.
I finally arrived to my mom's on Saturday evening. We quickly headed over to Aarika's place...wooo!! We literally jumped into each others arms. I missed her soooo. No words explain the happiness I felt. 
Next up...foos. Dinner at Chuy's. I have been craving Chuy's since Tony and I lived in Texas. It isn't the best Mexican food, but it sure is yummy. Not to mentioned the jalapeno ranch sauce. Obsessed. Totally obsessed. I could literally drink this stuff {see below}. A huge burrito, lots of chips with jalapeno sauce, a couple Corona's and sitting next to the best BFF in all the land....Aarika! My night was complete. Oh yea...and seeing you too ma! ;-P You know I missed you like crazy tooo!

aarika: sorry for the terrible photo, you just wouldn't stop being a brat for photos.

That concluded the first night back with sister. I was so exhausted from not sleeping a wink, apparently I fell asleep criss cross apple sauce in bed. Who the heck does that!??!? Someone with only 2 hours of sleep in 2 days, I guess.

Next up, Austin part one. Come back tomorrow.


Elena Ridley said...

Looks like you had a blast!! That's funny about your dad and his Starbucks obsession!

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