Friday, June 13, 2014

Oasis & Country Livin'

After checking out the city of Austin, I wanted to see what the burbs surrounding it were like. They seriously did.not.disappoint!! I could see myself living here. Well, us living here ;) Holy mother of gorgeous green trees!!!

love them to pieces!!!
Next stop...dinner @ Oasis. Mexican food. Margaritas. Chips & salsa. At a four, yes 4!!!, story restaurant overlooking Lake Travis. Heck-to-the-yes!!! It was a perfect dinner with mom and Aarika, laughing hysterically, reminiscing, making fun of mom {sorry ma, you know that happens when we are together}, and just having a fabulous time. Just us three.

Monday was a day spent with just Aarika. We did girl stuff. Lots of girl stuff. We watched Bring It On! Yes, probably one of our favorite silly movies. Later, we headed to Yucatan for more drinking, #duh, and chips and salsa. Along with talk. Girl talk. Life talk. Everything and anything. It was perfect. Seriously Aarika you have no idea how much I miss just talking about whatever. Living this far away from you sucks! Big time!!

As I am drinking my marg, I begin to say how not strong these are. So we proceeded to order another, because when it's Happy Hour, you order a few. Obviously! Yea, once you stand up, it's a whole different ballgame {insert bug eyes here} And after this drinking confession session, we headed back to her place where she decided it would be fun to drink an entire bottle of wine. Yes, the entire bottle between the two of an hour!!! And while doing so, we watching the hilarious videos of Shay's #hattiethehedgehog. Girl, had us laughing so hard we were crying. Needless to say, Tuesday were were not fully up to par....
Mom lives in the country. No clue how much property she actually has, but to me it looks like a lot. One morning I woke up, poured my coffee, and just sat outside and enjoyed the quiet. It was so peaceful. I think one day I could handle waking up like this on the reg.

She has 7 chickens, which means I took home three dozen organic eggs. Tony was a happy camper.
hi mom! ;) her backyard from the very back fence. sooo much land.
the chicken coup gets the royal treatment of being under the shade.

Tuesday I went to check out Aarika in her realm of being a Bobbi Brown makeup artist, which of course I got my face did {photo below isn't great...sorry!}  And I have no idea what else happened was a little fuzzy from not feeling so hot from the night before. 
Wednesday Aarika and I got our nails did, went shopping, out to lunch. Did the normal girls things. It was another perfect day.
My few days spent with mom and Aarika were the best!!! I miss being around them so much. My heart was so full  and happy. I pray one day we will all be physically close again. But until then... we have cell phones to call and text and send silly videos and send stupid photos. I love you two more than you know!!!


Caitlin said...

So glad you had a fabulous trip! Your mom's place looks absolutely gorgeous... love!

Would you guys consider moving there to be closer to family?

reham magdy said...


Sharon said...

when you were here it seemed like you just belonged here. I wished you hadn't left. I do miss you so much and it was so good to have you and Aarika together again. It seemed like a real family again! I love you like you will never know.