Friday, June 20, 2014

THESE are spirit fingers!!!

It's Friday!! Can I get a woop woop?!?! And this chick is stoked!!!
Side note: I cannot get Bring It On quotes out of my head, I say them all day, every day. Oy Vey!

/ The cutest little duck family, a momma & 10 ducklings, made it's way into our parking lot at work. We think the momma got lost, while pregnant, and had her babies in the parking lot under some trees. I have never seen such tiny ducklings. It was seriously the cutest thing ever because they followed her so closely. She moved an inch, they moved an inch.
/ Tonight is pizza night!!! We love pizza, we seem to have it every.single.friday.night!! We get it from Trader Joe's {$5 make ya holla!!} and add more veggies and a bit more cheese to it, sometimes we even get crazy and add pepperoni #wetakeourpizzaseriously. 

/ Saturday night I am hanging with the girls. It's a Mexican themed night which entails: making tamales from scratch, taco salad {yum!!}, margaritas {duh!}, and girl talk ;)

/ Sunday we will be celebrating my main man. Why you ask?!? Oh because he graduated with his B.A. in Business. He is officially a college graduate come Sunday. I am so beyond proud of him. He never thought he would make it through, but he stuck it out, worked hard, and now has that fancy paper to prove it. Congratulations baby! You did it!
/ We finally have our first appointment with a fertility specialist the first week of July. I have been doing great not stressing over the baby issue, even in the midst of so many friends announcing pregnancies. I am truly wholeheartedly happy for them. And I know we will be in their position soon. I am slightly nervous to hear what the doctor has to say, but more just anxious. Anxious to really get this process started and bring babies into this world.

/ This my friends, is my new favorite fragrance, Jo Malone Wild Bluebell. I have only been wearing Romance from Ralph Lauren for Lord knows how long, this is a nice, very nice change. Do you like Jo Malone fragrance?

/ My entire body has been sore this week. Tony has pushed me. I have pushed him. We are really stepping it up in the weights department and I totally love it!! We are sticking to a 80/20 eating habit routine, along with no alcohol during the week. It is working. We are happy. Life is good!

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Rebekah said...

Congratulations to Tony! That's awesome! I'll be praying for your appointment! I remember how nervous I was before mine and it was mainly I was just ready to figure out what the next step for us was!

Lisa Loves John said...

Oh my word, that family of ducks is wayyyy too cute!! I would have snapped an embarrassing number of photos!!