Tuesday, July 15, 2014


A few weeks ago, Tony, his mom, sister and I went up to Bass Lake. I had never been, and couldn't get over how gorgeous and green all the pines trees were. Not to mention the temperature was perfect. I totally wish we would have brought our suits or heck even had a boat to cruise on. It was so pretty!

They took me to the infamous Fork's restaurant/little market/bar for lunch. If you're gonna eat a burger, you gotta make sure it is greasy!! Or at least that seemed to be the motto for Forks. Don't get me wrong, I love me a good tasty greasy burger, especially after a night of too many adult beverages, but....I couldn't image eating at this place on the reg. Too greasy. But!!! like I said...delicious!!! :) Totally contradicting myself there. But whatevs! ;) If you get to Bass Lake, you must go here! It seems to be a must see eat place up there.

get a cheesebuger with grilled onions....yummmmmmmy!!!


Sharon said...

It is yummy, have been there a few times. Gorgeous picture and the view. That's when you definitely want to live in the mountains!

Coral's Country said...

That looks delicious!! Cute blog!

Take care,