Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Pulled It Off

On Saturday I pulled off my very first surprise party. I, along with Tony's parents, threw a surprise graduation party. He literally had no clue!! Booyah!! ;)

Here's the scoop: Saturday late morning, Tony's uncles called and asked if he wanted to go get a drink at a local bar. While they did that, Tony's mom and I booked it to Costco & the grocery store, set up for the party all in 1.5 hours. Yea we are that good! Granted the party was only about 15 people but still. About 2p I get a text from Tony said, well umm this is random...we are at TJMaxx. Uncle wanted to go shopping. Aka...kill time. At 2:15-2:30 we were completely done, so his uncles brought him home, a little tipsier than I had hoped, but whatev he had fun! So Tony walks in the door, we are all hiding, he totally looks past the congratulations sign, so we all jump out and yell! He was shocked. No freakin' clue!!! It was awesome!!! So from that moment on, it was all about BBQ, chips/dips, drinks, drinks, and more drinks. Have I mentioned my in-laws likes to drink!??! 
These to drinks were in his hands all night....Heineken & whiskey on the rocks. Needless to say, I was a total wife and made sure he chugged some water too.
My FIL makes hands down, the best food!!! He is amazing!!! The short ribs...oh my word!!! I think I ate 5 of just those, not to mention the delicious tri-tip and chicken. I had been craving corn on the cob for soooo long, and I finally got some. BBQ and corn on the cob is seriously one of my favorite combos!


{most of the gang about 5 hours after we had been drinking!}
It turned out to be such a fun party and family gathering, not to mention the happiness I have of him having no freakin' clue!!! Babe, you did it! I am so proud of you. And with all A's & B's too!! Now you can check one more thing off your bucket list! ;)  I love you!!


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

Looks like such a fun party! and corn on the cob is the best in the summer- don't you think?

Elena Ridley said...

Awesome job pulling off the party!! Looks like a good time!