Monday, July 7, 2014


Orange County. 
Huntington Beach. 
Hula Circle. 
Is the place to be on July 4th. 

Perfect sunny hot weather. Ocean views.Food. Drinking. Swimming. Sun. Biking along the beach....or PCH for that matter. A perfect weekend.

Like my FIL said, 4th of July is probably one of the best holidays because you don't have to worry about gifts, stress over what to get your significant other, you don't have to decorate like a mad woman, you don't have the madness of shopping for weeks or months can just BBQ, drink and relax with friends and family!!

Friday morning we got up super early, grabbed some coffee and headed to the beach. We hit zero traffic and made it in 35 minutes!! We could not have been more stoked! At 8a and the weather was already sunny and hot. A perfect welcome! Not a bad way to start a fabulous holiday!!!
  half of the gang riding to the 4th of July parade

While riding along the empty blocked off areas of PCH, we stumbled upon a super hero. Captain America with his pup and girlfriend. 
 bikes parking at the parade

 Gah!!! I love him so much!!!!
 Watching fireworks at the beach with the sister in law, Angela

With the sun, swimming, BBQ hamburgers, beers and endless games of corn hole {aka corn hole-eo}. Of which I was always on the winning team. I tell ya, I am some goooood luck ;)  The 4th of July was a complete success and a fabulous day with great people!

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