Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Not Enough Eggs In The Basket

{written July 2nd} 

Today we had our first fertility specialist appointment with Dr. Buyalos in Thousand Oaks. We loved him!!! He was straight forward and to the point, but super knowledgeable and friendly and we couldn't have been more at ease with our decision to see him.

He looked through all the medical records. I had a vaginal ultrasound performed. Being 30 years old, with 1 ovary, and see my ovary today, he concluded that my egg production is low. Based off looking at my ovary I should have multiple follicles, for numbers sake say 10, he only saw 4. Basically he will do blood tests to see my AMH protein levels. If they are above 1 that is great, but he doesn't expect that to be the case. He says he predicts it to be about .8-1ng/ml. Which could potentially be from having only 1 ovary and/or just how my body is.

Apparently I am a little naive because I didn't ever consider my egg production to be low. No idea why, I just assumed it was my uterus wasn't 'holding' a fertilized egg. I didn't think someone who is healthy and young would have a low egg count. But now I have learned those things don't necessarily mean anything.

He liked the results of Tony's semen analysis. His sperm count and mobility is good. Yay husband! ;)

With that being said, he is still a little concerned as to why I have such irregular periods, so he will be testing my thyroid as well.

Here is the plan:
*Tomorrow I get my blood drawn for: FSH, TSH, and AMH protein
*Day 1 of my next period I will start Clomid and is to be taken for 5 days
*Day 6 I begin FSH injections to directly stimulate follicular growth, which I have to give myself {oh shit!!!!} into my abdomen in the evenings for 3 days
*Day 9 they will check my follicles to see if I am ovulating or ready to ovulate. They will injection hCG to trigger ovulation
*They will do ultrasounds to see the follicles and that will determine which date I do the IUI procedure. Day 9 or 10 if my follicles look good, they will get a semen specimen from Tony, wash it and then inject it high into my uterus {IUI- intrauterine insemination}. A quick, non invasive procedure
* Then we wait for 2 weeks, praying the at home pregnancy test is positive. If so, we will go to Dr. office to get blood work confirmation.
*If positive....we are stoked!!! duh! ;) 
*If negative, we will repeat this process one more time. If negative again, IVF will be the next step.

The consultation was so awesome. We learned a lot. The doctor answered all our questions, he walked through every scenario with us. He is proactive, and ready to get the show on the road. Finally!!! We are so excited to really get this process started and become parents.


Nicole - Craft My Soul said...

I hope that the next phase is successful! Sending good vibes your way. - Nicole

Ashley said...

I'm glad you got answers as to what is going on, despite the gruelling diagnosis. I have a low AMH as well, but don't be discouraged - I now have my miracle baby! It seems like such a tough diagnosis. I'm also down one tube. It can happen! Stay strong! Wishing you the very best this cycle!!

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

You got this girl! All it takes it just one egg and one sperm. As I mentioned, take those 10 minutes after the IUI to pray, picture the sperm meeting the egg, picture yourself pregnant... it is all so powerful. So glad you have someone on your team to guide you through this next step. I'm here always if you need it!

Rebekah said...

I'm praying so hard for you! This is a hard road but I'm thrilled you like the doctor. That is so important! Hopefully the shots aren't that bad. I only had to do the trigger and thankfully the first time was the only time it hurt.

Elena Ridley said...

Sounds like you have a really solid plan and that is awesome!! Best of luck to you!! Keep us posted!

Caitlin said...

SO glad you are getting answers and have such a set plan!! Can't wait to see your pregnancy announcement!!!

Danielle Butler said...

This is the plan my fertility doctor has for us. I hope it is a great plan for the both of us. Good luck. I can't wait to hear the results.