Monday, August 18, 2014

dinos, transformers, and minions...oh my!

The other day our neighbor, whom we hardly ever talk to, starting chatting with us outside and asked if we wanted tickets to Universal Studios. Ummm sure? ;) So...Saturday morning we braved the crowds and enjoyed the day at the 'Entertainment Capital of the World'.  
I haven't been to this park in years...maybe like 10. And the man hasn't been here since he was in high school, so...we had no clue where anything was. No more Backdraft. No more E.T. #hellooldage
First up...Jurassic Park! Tony was like a kid in a candy store. He was so stoked and wanted front row. Umm, ok sure no problem, we will just get slightly wet. Not!!! We got drenched! Like beyond drenched! It was hilarious! I seriously do not remember getting so wet on this ride, but sure enough....we did. Literally I had to ring out my shirt it was that wet. Oh and the photo from the ride...hilarious!!! I was totally screaming, eyes shut, mouth open wide. Awesome!!
Apparently Universal is now the place to be, because holy hell it was packed!!! The wait time for rides was well over an hour. So...we decided to hit up the single riders line. Which by the way, we totally recommend if you aren't with any kiddos. Totally worth it! Transformers and Indespicable Me each had an 80 minute way.  We waited about 10 minutes. Super worth it. And let's be honest, you don't chat during the ride anyways.
All the rides were fun. Jurassic Park, The Mummy, Transformers, Indespicable Me. Our favorite being Jurassic Park, soaking wet and all. ;) I do have to say though, when did the rides begin to include 3D and 4D. It's so weird that while going through the line, to almost every ride, you have to pick up a pair of glasses. And just like you cannot go to Disneyland without getting a churro, at least that's my rule. Tony's is you cannot go to an amusement park without getting dip in dots. 

Afterwards we walked around city walk. Had dinner at Hard Rock and then saw Planet of the Apes {good movie by the way} with  free movie tickets from last Christmas. And best of all we hardly spent any money thanks to good neighbors and gifts! I'd say we had a fantastic day! Days spent with the husb are always fun and full of laughs.