Friday, August 8, 2014

friday randoms

Happy Friday!!!


// My favorite person in the whole wide world is coming to town at the end of the month. I hadn't seen her in forever, and now I get to see her just 2 months after I visited her. Sister, I have so much planned for us!!! Coffee dates, fish bowl chats, sun chasing, cuddling, maybe even some paddle boarding and balboa bars! Oh and campos, and coffee bean and dr. conkeys and susie's and mendicino farms {delish sandwiches}. OH MY WORD, I cannot wait!!!!
// We just found out our health insurance at work will be canceled as of August 31st. Ummm...has anyone every checked into ObamaCare, because let me tell f**king sucks!!! The option with the smallest monthly payment isn't so bad, but the deductible you have to reach and out of pocket amount is just insane!!! Oh and it's taxed!!! Our insurance before was pre-tax, now!!! Insurance is being taxed. Holy hell?!??!?? We have no idea what to do. I was trying to find info on the maternity deets of everything, and what I have gotten so far is, not much is covered or until you reach your deductible. If I understood correctly. If anyone knows differently or has info/advice let me know pretty please with a cherry on top! Total bad timing on our company as we are trying to have a baby....

// This print is perfect! It needs to be in my house, like now!

// We have zero plans again this weekend, but I am hoping that changes somewhat. Maybe I'll take Tony  to see Ninja Turtles, because 1) we have lots of free tix and 2) if you grew up watching that show, as all 80s kid did, I think it will be a must see!

// I made the cutest little photo book from my insta pictures, and it arrived :) I made it of our 'selfies'. Ya know alllll those photos Tony and I have to take ourselves because we aren't near too many family. Anyways, that is besides the point. I just love it!! Super fun cute idea from @chatbooks on insta!
And I'll leave you with all that randomness. Have a happy weekend!!


Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

dude, are you serious about this insurance thing right now? Ugh, thank goodness you are such a strong woman!! Make it a double vodka latte, you deserve it. Happy Friday friend!

Caitlin G said...

How can all of this health insurance crap happen to you while you are trying to have a baby? Good gosh you poor thing.

Also - how is your company just canceling your insurance?! If you work full time, they have to offer you insurance unless they are paying the fees. But, then again, California is the weirdest with employment laws. Ack.

Hena Tayeb said...

that insta selfie books is so cute