Wednesday, August 20, 2014


We are officially half way through the week. Hot damn!!! Thank the Lord!! I live for the weekends. Don't we all ;) I haven't joined in on a link up in a while so the #guiltypleasures only seemed appropriate with Helene and Sarah's.
Starbucks.... I sometimes buy Starbucks with the change in my wallet, so Tony doesn't see how often I go. A little ridunculous, I know! But seriously, there are days where I crave it. Yes, crave it!! But there are also times where it was such a part of my routine, that my car just takes me there.

Insta Stalking.... every night when we are chillin' on the couch or laying in bed just relaxing, waiting for our eyes to get really sleepy, I stalk. Totally stalk instagram. I love to see what people are up to, what they are wearing, the workouts, what they ate/new recipes, and ok, I am just plain nosey when it comes to watching how other peoples lives play out. It is totally intriguing.

Wine/Alcohol/Beer....What can I say, I like my adult beverages. A nice fishbowl glass of wine, a ice old brewski, or a mixed drink is perfect after a day in the windowless office. It tastes delicious, and it helps me relax because as I have said before, I have an issue with relaxing. But that's besides the point.

Jeans... this girl has about 20+ pair of jeans. And if I am being totally honest, most of them are medium to dark color. All probably looking very similar. Jeans are my go to. My favorite piece of clothing.

Peanut MnM's...I could eat these all day every day if they didn't in fact have calories. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert. And I don't just grab a few, I eat handfuls or the entire large bag. Peanut MnM's are the best chocolate candy ever invented.

Lululemon... I am in love with their stuff. Everything and anything. I know the prices totally suck and I am sure these products are just as good as much cheaper ones, but for some reason I cannot stay out of that store!!

The Proposal....This movie never gets old. I love it! If the man didn't complain about watching it every month, I would probably watch it every weekend. I just love it! From the window, to the wall....

Happy Friday Eve Eve!!!


Cece said...

I love my adult beverages too. I go through phases where I feel like I must have a glass of wine every night. Sadly I own nothing from lululemon, but I kinda want to just because. I buy most of my work out gear at Ross.

Helene in Between said...

who doesn't like some adult bevs?! gotta have 'em!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Hahaha! I love The Proposal!