Thursday, August 14, 2014

Joining the Military {Commissioned Officer}

Lately I have been thinking about joining the Air Force. Crazy, I know! But with so much going on in the work force, and how difficult it seems to get a decent job. And a decent job that offers good benefits is even harder. 
When Tony was in the Marines, it wasn't so bad. Maybe it was because it was him and not me, but it wasn't a bad lifestyle. I often think what our lives would have been like had he stayed in. Had we been a military family. Being able to be stationed in different parts of the country, heck or even the world.

Those things entice me. Those things make me consider joining. 

If I did enter, I could join as a commissioned officer, if there are jobs available. I would get a higher pay grade than those enlisted. I would have superiority. I would get medical benefits. I would get BAH. I would get a stable career. And by I, I obviously Tony too ;)

I don't know too many women in the military. My cousin, who was there the night I met Tony, was/is? in the Air Force or the reserves. And that's about it. I have no idea who women are treated or how it is to be an officer. But sometimes, I feel like it would be the coolest thing in the world. 

To say that I served our country. Of course I wouldn't be on the front lines. I would be in an office building somewhere or {hopefully} a hospital somewhere. I would be helping the military in a different way than most think, when they think of military. I would be making a difference in the lives of those who put their lives on the line. 

We could travel the states or the world. We wouldn't struggle, as it seems we are now. We would get a change of pace. I would have a legit stable career. We would be taken care of in a sense. 

But then I get scared. And anxious. And change my mind real quick. It totally excites me and totally scares the shit out of me. 

And trust me, I know the military isn't all rainbows and sunshine. I know shit goes on. I know shit happens. I know it isn't going to always be easy. But would it be worth it? Who knows...

I feel stuck and trapped and I feel like I am going to lose my mind if I stay at my current job in my current city. Yea, I am studying to take my license test, but what if I don't pass. Then what? We all know I suck at taking proctored exams, and have failed before. the Air Force gives me other options. Does that seem silly and ridiculous and absurd. Maybe. But hey it's a stable career with great benefits going in as a commissioned officer.

Have you ever thought of joining the military? If so, what changed your mind? Or what made you decide? Do you know any women that have joined?


Cece said...

Funny you should ask!! I actually did consider it. I went to a recruiter and everything but changed my mind. My life was a mess. I was miserable and I wanted out but I was too scared of boot camp and too scared of the fact that I would have absolutely zero control over my life. I'm kind of a control freak. They say when you do it and how you do it and I wasn't sure if I could handle that. My husband was in the Army and got out for reserves only. Sometimes I do wonder what it would have been like if he was still in too.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

The military does have some amazing benefits both professionally and personally. I think that you should go to a recruiting station and see if you can talk to someone about it, preferably a woman. One other thing to consider is that while you may be stationed somewhere with your man, you may have to deploy or be away from him for long periods of time. I know that that is kind of the name of the game when it comes to being in the military, but you definitely want to keep that in mind and see if that time away from your family is worth it. Just some food for thought ;-)