Friday, August 22, 2014


// Tony wants a dog. Like bad. Like he talks about it all.the.time.!! Like he gets super stoked when we see dogs out and about. He wants a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Once Stephanie got her's and posted about it endlessly on insta and her blog, Tony fell even more in love. to find an awesome breeder. A larger apartment, condo, or house. Preferably the later. But then where is the questions...a totally different topic. So, any recs for a breeder in California???

// We have been a one car family for a little over a month now. Yup, we got rid of my beloved Ford Explorer. I loved that car!! But with working at the same company and living so close to work, 7 miles to be exact, there isn't much need for two cars. Not to mention, the car we kept we paid off a while back, so no car payments for the Antenucci's! ;) Sweet deal, if I don't say so myself.

// I may have spoken about these before, but I have yet to purchase. I keep thinking about them. I keep thinking that we need them. I mean hello, wouldn't it be amazing to smell Riesling, but not actually have to consume the calories. Ok, who am I kidding...screw the calories! Let's drink and smell the yumminess!

// Babymaking update: I spoke to the doctor on Tuesday and he wants me to have another blood test. An FSH test, on day 3 of my cycle, to determine the quality of my eggs. So fingers crossed the number comes back low. For this test, the lower the number the better. For the AMH, the higher the better. Kinda interesting how this all works. I had the FSH done a year ago and my number was 7.8, which is great; anything below 9 is great. Let's hope this one is the same.


Sharon said...

Those wine candles smell exactly like wine. Have never burned them but when I smell them it is most definitely a wine scent. All different flavors too! A little pricey but if you like the smell of wine, probably worth it!

Hey if you all have not visited the page for the fundraiser Lindsay's friend and I are doing to help them get closer to that baby ... go check out this link.

Prayers, good wishes, lots of good vibes and any donation is so helpful! Thanks to all of you!

Mony Hussein said...