Friday, October 3, 2014

friday randoms

Hey lov-ahs {said in Molly Shannon voice}!!!

I am over here already counting down the hours until I can leave work and get out of that damn building. Over here in Southern California, we don't have this season you all call fall. We have Spring and Summer with a few days of freezing colds temps in the 50s and 60s. Needless to say, Tony and I may end up at the ocean this weekend, if all pans out according to my plan. 

1 // I went to the bright side. I took the plunge for Tony, he has really wanted it blonde for so long, but I am not fully convinced I like it yet. I want to go a bit brighter so it isn't so yellow, but I gotta wait so my hair doesn't fall out. But...he loves it. We will see how I like it and get used to it as time goes on. It only takes one appointment to go back to the dark side, right ;)

2 // Every couple days I got in for an ultrasound and blood work. Generally I go alone, but the other day Tony came with me. He is such a cutie pie because he whips out his phone as I am sitting buck naked {under a piece of paper} and says, let's take a photo. We have to document all of this :) So here I am, ready to get my feet in the stirrups and a bunch of goop you know where ;)

3 // I am probably extremely late to the party, but my new favorite show is Parenthood. I want to jump into the tv and be part of their family. The love they all have for each other, the weekly family dinners, and the craziness of all the people. I am in love with the show. Not to mention I cry during every.single.episode!! Also, I am in love with Bob Dylan's "Forever Young". I am so not a music junky, so I have never heard it love love!!!

4 // A few months back my sister gave me the heads up she was quitting Nords, so that meant I had to get her a list of items I must have. Items that I needed her to buy with her discount, because that would be the only way I purchase it. With that being said, I splurged and bought these fabulously comfy sandals. I love them! At first I wasn't sure, and Tony thought they were the ugliest thing to ever end up in my closet. But...we have both come to love them. A lot!

5 // A few weeks ago, Tony and I had a campout, aka junk food fest, in our living room. We got our favorite sandwiches from Mendicino Farms, chips, popcorn, alcohol, gelato and s'mores. All while watching suspense type movies. It was such a fun night. Totally out of our norm and totally my new favorite thing. Babe, if you're reading this...let's make this a monthly or every other month tradition ;)

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!!!
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Diana @ wonderfully made. said...

Ahh! I LOVE parenthood too! I'm totally not caught up though. Have a good weekend!

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

I like the lighter color on you! you are lucky you can pull both off. I hope all is going well with the initial IVF stuff. How are the shots?

PS isn't Parenthood great? I started watching on Netflix. I am still only on Season 2 so need to catch up!

Cece said...

I'm totally counting down the minutes to quitting time. Get me outta here!! That living room movie watching food fest picnic sounds like really fun!!