Tuesday, October 7, 2014

needles & pills {nightly routine}

Last Tuesday I had blood drawn to test my estrogen levels and a vaginal ultrasound. The doctor saw a small cyst and my estrogen was slightly elevated, so he wanted me to come back in Thursday just to make sure all was good so I could start my meds on Friday. Thursday, I had the same exams done and everything came back good. Sooo...I was off to pick up my injectible medications.

Thursday was such a stressful day for me. The doctor appointment took an hour longer than expected, picking up my medications took about an hour, the driving time took forever because none of this is around the corner from me, and then I had to go home and put the medications in the fridge. And with all that, just the emotional rollercoaster of actually beginning all this made me completely flustered and exhausted.

But...with all that being said, I was able to start my injections!! Heck yes!!! It is all kind of surreal. I have been waiting for this moment for so long, but now that I am actually starting, it's kind of weird. But not a bad weird, just weird like omg, we are starting! We are so many steps closer to being a momma and daddy. My heart is all over the place, literally.

Friday night was day one of medication and to say I was anxious and nervous would be an understatement. I have no idea why, the needle is super small and super thin, but just the fact of injecting myself, scares the crap out of me. Thank goodness for my amazing husband to keep me sane, he has offered to give the injections to me. I know some people who are in the same boat as me may think that is silly or lame, but in a way it helps this process feel more like it is the two of us doing it together. Yes, of course I am the one going through it physically, but I think he helps him feel more involved too. So for the next 10 days this is the nightly routine, together.

Every night I take the following:
*3 tablets of Clomid for the first five days
*225iu of Follistim daily
*33 units of Omnitrope every other day
*20 units of microdose HcG daily

It isn't nearly as bad as I thought. With Tony doing the shots for me I just focus on taking a deep breath and before I know it it's done. And the size of the needle is so small it's just a quick pinch. Although....the meds go in the fridge, so if I don't let them set in room temp for at least 5 minutes, I can feel it go in and it burns for about a minute. Other than that, it's worth it!
It'll all be worth it!


Elena Ridley said...

Wow, they have you on some really high doses! You are going to rock this and it'll all be worth it! Stay strong girl! You're doing amazing!

Ashley said...

I had to get. M to do all my shots for me, I could not for the life of me inject myself! Doesn't help when you run out of room from bruises. I reccomend switching sides when you can, but it's hard when you have that many needles. I had 6 a day at one point with 8 towards the end. Wishing you the best of luck!! Grow follis grow!!