Wednesday, October 8, 2014

She's Gettin' Hitched!

My little sister is engaged!!!! My little sister is engaged!!!! 
My baby sister is getting married!!!

{look at that bling!!} 

Monday was their one year anniversary and she sent me a photo of her new rose gold hoops he bought her. Then about 30 minutes later, she sends me a text with a ring on her finger. Ummm whhhhatt?!?!?? {yea that was my response} Then I said, is that your finger?!? That is totally your hand!! Omg you are engaged! OMG!!!! 

Then she calls me after my freak out moment. He totally surprised her. She had no freakin' clue. AND!!! And, his friends got it all on video. I cannot wait to see that!! 

Aaaahhhh, I am going to have a brother in law, which will eventually lead to me having nieces and/or nephews. Which means I will be an auntie sooner than later....okay.... woah, sorry for jumping the gun sister ;-P

Let the dress shopping, pinterest pinning, shower planning, wedding day planning begin!!! 

Congrats to my little sister and Zaq!!

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