Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Embryo Transfer Day

written on 10/21/14

The day of our retrieval we decided we wanted to do a fresh transfer. We decided against genetic testing; as I have been tested for MD and CF. Plus we didn't feel it was 'right' to play God, I mean if we got pregnant naturally, we couldn't choose what we were having, so we opted out. That is each an every individuals opinion, no judgement should ever occur.

That day I started on estrogen patches and progesterone shots. I my ass!!! Well technically the top of the butt right behind the hip. Needless to say this is not a walk in the park. It freakin' hurts!! Both of my cheeks are sore every single day. Oh and let's not forget these shots will continue weeks into finding out we are pregnant. Thank God for Tony, he is amazing and encouraging and has administered every shot since day one.

Transfer day: October 20th

My mind was racing and my anxiety was slightly elevated all day. To think that I would be pregnant later that day. That I would go home, pregnant. So surreal. The thought that our lives will now change forever. We will be parents. We will be!!

We arrived to the clinic at 1:30pm, to have a 2:15p transfer time. Everything was pretty laid back, through the process. I had finally relaxed. My actual doctor was not there that day, so the other doctor did the actual implant/transfer.

My bladder had to be partially full, which is extremely difficult because I always have to pee. When we first arrived, I released my bladder, but from all the nerves, I felt like I had to go right away again. They did a quick scan to see how full my bladder actually was, and thank the Lord they let me pee.... a little. Which by the way is pretty difficult to stop yourself once you are in the mind set to release.

Once I got back into the room, the embryologist came in and showed us a photo of our embryos. The the two largest/most developed ones they would be implanting, and the others they would potentially be freezing. They will let me know later this week.
{on the bottom pic: the far left and far right are the two they implanted}

The procedure was super quick and not painful at all. Literally it was less than 5 minutes. It was pretty much like a pap smear. Tony was able to be in the room as well. It was so cool that we were able to watch it happen on the ultrasound screen. We watched our babies be implanted, such a cool moment we wont ever forget.

{the arrows are pointing to the embryos, that bright white dot}

I was instructed to lay there for about 20 minutes after, then we were good to go home. Let me just say that I have the most caring, supportive, loving husband ever! Seriously, he was awesome. He picked up the Queensland Salad from Outback for me for dinner, with a side of potato soup. Best ever!!! Then we just chilled on the couch the rest of the night. I was sound asleep by 9p.

Monday, October 20, 2014 was the best! A day that we will always remember. A day that our lives changed. It is the day, I became pregnant!!!


Danielle Butler said...

Yes! I am so excited for you two. I was wondering if you were pregnant since you hadn't posted about your transfers lately. Then bam, you're pregnant. Are you having twins? Congrats again.

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

love reading all the details. Takes me back to my IUI date. A day I will never forget. I am so happy for you friend. I cannot wait to hear more about this amazing journey you are on.

Kathryn said...

Yay so so exciting!!!! Are you having one or two babies?! ;)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

This is so exciting! Congrats!! And wait...are you having twins????