Monday, December 15, 2014

ramblings of the first weeks

First off, let me just say I won't only post about pregnancy, I promise! But I just need to get everything out and in the order I had written it all, so it makes sense for me and Tony and our memory of this experience. So bare with me pretty please ;)

I can pretty much guarantee no one will be too interested in what I have to say below, but it is for me and my memory of every single moment before telling most people. But if you are interested and make it to the bottom of the post...yay!! :)

Week 4-5
* I haven't been able to button my pants since the transfer. I was super bloated after the retrieval, and couldn't wear normal pants, I had to wear skirts every day. I was 'normal' for about two days prior to transfer and since then, it has been no buttoning for this girl. I ordered the BeBand from Target week 5 of pregnancy and it has been a lifesaver!!! Never did I think I wouldn't be able to not button my pants so soon #ivfproblems

* My nips have been sore since I started all the hormone medication. And not just sore, but like on fire where it totally hurts to wear a bra! Yea that isn't a fun feeling at all. Tony says my boobs have gotten much bigger too. Oh joy! I still have 35 weeks left... Wonder how big they will actually get.

* Most people don't find out so soon that they are pregnant, so being that we knew quickly, it just gave me time to stress over the fact that I cannot wait to see that heartbeat on Nov. 19. Not to mention, I cannot wait to tell the world we are bringing a baby into the world. But really, I feel like I stress over ever cramp and pain and soreness. I try not to, but it's hard...

* The only baby items I have purchased are some mommy books, belly lotion, and belly bands. I want to buy something baby-ish, but I have no idea where to start being so early in this pregnancy.

Week 6
*Nausea set in week 6, November 13th to be exact. And it is no joke. I feel like I've had a constant hangover. It doesn't make me sick to eat food, yet... But, I feel like I constantly need to be munching on something to help relieve it a bit.

*I have had a couple meals where it tasted funny. One being eggs. I have had eggs almost every single morning. Well out of the blue it tasted like fish!! Yes, the eggs tasted like fish. It was so bizarre. I tried them again a couple days later and all was ok. I had chicken one night and almost puked. I was doing fine, then about half way through I just couldn't handle it anymore. I was donzo!

Week 7
*We had our first ultrasound on Nov 19th. I have never felt so much relief in my life. It totally felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Seeing that little flutter and our tiny little love bug made our hearts melt. Tony was so amazing at what the ultrasound can show at such a young age of our baby. I loved seeing him so excited. Also, there was quite a relief on my end that there was only one baby. Yes, it would be amazing to have twins, but I know one is plenty. And God knew exactly what we could handle right now.

Weeks 8-9
*Finally announced it to everyone in the family. What a relief that was :)
*The nausea hasn't gone away. At all. Some days are worse than others. Different times of the day are worse as well, but it literally just depends on the day...
*My friend told me a drink at Starbucks that helped her with the nausea. And no caffeine :) A Passion Tea Lemonade with Raspberry. It is quite tasty and it actually helps. Something with the sweet and sour, makes my tummy feel better.
* I can't eat homemade chicken. We made it one night, ok I made BBQ chicken one night, had one bite and I was done. I couldn't. I just couldn't convince myself to eat it. So a baked potato it was.

Week 10
*Mom and I went pregnancy clothes shopping due to not being able to fit into many pants. What an experience that was. Honestly, I felt like a fat ass because everything just fit differently than I am used to. And the panel, the high panel, the low panel....what an odd thing. And let me just say, it is so bizarre to not have belt loops on jeans. It feels weird....
*I graduated from the fertility doctor. My mom got to come to our last ultrasound with him. It seriously made her year that she got to see our little munchkin having a dance party in my uterus. Not to mention this ultrasound made everything more real, because I could see limbs and feet. It was just awesome. I've seen my fair share of ultrasounds, but nothing compares to your own.

That pretty much sums up the last several weeks of our little secret and the goings on with baby/me/us.


Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

I love reading these. You will want to remember every detail. These are the most precious days and they will go fast so keep documenting girl!

Kristina said...

Oh girl I remember lots of those feelings. The nip thing...I hate to say it BUT that does not go away. Mine hurt till after I stopped nursing. I remember the maternity clothes shopping and its weird but I really have a closeness to them. I didn't buy much. Lots of statement pieces. I always lucked out with ASOS, H&M and Old Navy. I used to say my first trimester felt like the flu and hangover all at the same time.

Rebecca Maier said...

I love reading all of this! Some things that helped me beat the nausea: 1) mint gum - all the time. 2) ginger - tea if you can tolerate the little bit of spice. 3) water - any time I felt like I was gonna throw up I'd sip water like crazy (especially if you're in public)!!! Good luck sister and hopefully it will subside soon so you can enter the honeymoon phase (which I think lasts the longest)!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Document everything you can!! I love going back and reading how I felt each month. You will have so much going on, you momentarily forget things. I hear ya about maternity--Gap leggings have been my favorite so far, worth the extra penny and held up through 2 of my pregnancies (so far!) Lots of scarves, cardigans and tank tops too. I look forward to following your amazing journey!

Kate said...

Love this post!!!!!

Couple things:

They do make pregnancy jeans/pants with belt loops. Find them! You'll need them as you get bigger and bigger b/c your pants will start sliding down and you need something to pull them back up with. Sounds odd, but it's true! Lol!!

You must carry low. I carry suuuuuuper low and have always grown out of my regular jeans quickly. I have friends who carry high (Maran) and can wear their regular jeans/pants the entire way through their pregnancy... But they also suffer from indigestion, rib kicking and shortness of breath, whereas I never have. Carrying low is a KILLER to the bladder - yikes!

I've just stopped throwing up a 21 weeks. Brushing my teeth is always the worst -- that toothbrush gags me every time! And chicken is nasty. I totally get it! Really hope you start feeling better soon. Morning (all day) sickness is so exhausting!!!

I love that your mom went to your ultrasound with you. You know she has a special place in my heart. I can't wait for her to be a grandma and love that she's gotten to see her grandchild already :)

jessica lynn said...

I totally missed this post - congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!