Friday, December 12, 2014

Telling The Family

Like I said yesterday, waiting 4.5 hours before we got home was pure torture!!! We both had to keep a straight face all day!!! So, we get home and are both starving but I knew we couldn't wait any longer because I knew it was killing everyone and for two my mom and sister are in Texas {2 hours ahead} I didn't want to call too late.

So we called.... 2.5 hours worth of calling! Yup, we didn't end up eating dinner until 8p :-/  But it was soooooo worth it to hear the excitement in everyone's voice.

First up was my mom. I had told her earlier in the week to download Skype so we could tell her 'face to face'. It was like she was just holding and staring at the phone for the last 5 hours because she answered instantly. As soon as it picked up, I said, "Hi Gramma!!!" Cue the screams and smiles and laughter and excitement. I literally think she almost had a heart attack. I so wish I could have gotten a picture of her excitement because it was literally the best. Probably just as excited as we were when I peed on the stick that Tuesday morning.

Then we called Aarika on Facetime, thanks Zaq!, as she literally just got out of the shower and only in a towel ;) I said, "Hi Auntie!!!" and then the tears came out ;)

Then Tony's mom..."Hi Gramma!" Her response, "Omg so way!! You're going to be parents!! Yay!!

Next up calling my dad on Facetime... "Hi Grandpa!!" "Oh I knew it! Congratulations!!! I told Laur this morning, I just know Lindsay is pregnant. She has to be." Then he took the phone down to Kell and Laur and I yelled, "Hi Aunties!!!" Cue two super stoked excited girls!! Then they went into how I need to be careful on the foods I eat, to make sure I eat enough, etc... ;)

Then Tony's dad... "HI Grandpa!!"  "Oh my gosh, that is the best news ever!!! I cannot believe it. That is  just awesome!!"

Next up, his sisters...both super excited!!!

And lastly my gramma, who says she already knew, but I think she may be losing it a little bit. LOL I think she got confused on the transfer and the actual being pregnant. I think she thought they meant the same thing.

It was seriously the best thing for us to call everyone up and tell them the exciting news! I loved seeing/hearing each and every single reaction. I cannot wait for the little one to meet everybody! Baby A will be so loved :)


Holly said...

I have LOVED reading your posts about the baby!! I can feel your excitement, and I am SO THRILLED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! Sending you huge hugs.

Kaylee Taylor said...

Congrats! This is the greatest Christmas present anyone could ask for. So happy for you guys!

Sara Lynn said...

I am beyond excited for you guys!! It is so funny to me to be so excited for you guys when we have never met! I have loved your recaps the last few days!!! I can't wait to see the rest play out :)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

WOW! I can only imagine the excitement that everyone has for you and Tony! YAY!!!

Ashley said...

Sooo happy for you guys!!! Dreams really do come true!!! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months to go!! Congrats Mama!!