Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Confirmation {the blood test}

Being that we 'cheated' and took a home pregnancy test, I wasn't too nervous the day of the blood test. I drove myself to the doctor because I knew we wouldn't be getting results right then and there, and it would only take 3 minutes, so why have Tony take time off work. And literally it took 3 minutes from the moment I signed in till I left.

When the MA called me back, she asked if I cheated I told her yes, on Tuesday the 28th I took a test and it was positive. She said yay!! well let's just double check, but I am sure you are. 

Then I was off.

Now it was just a waiting game, one that kind of started to eat at me since I just wanted the positive confirmation. 

I came back to work, and had my phone attached to me at every moment. I was wearing a skirt, so if I went to the bathroom, I stuck my phone in my bra. I could not miss this phone call. 

At 1:46pm, the nurse called. She asked how I was doing, I said ok but slightly nervous. She says, nothing to be nervous about. You ARE pregnant!!! I have no idea what I said after that, I began to shake a little bit because oh my word, this is real!!! Then she told me they the HcG levels are generally around 80 at this point and ours are 177. So I am definitely pregnant!!

When I got the call I was in my office and I wanted to scream with excitement. I wanted to run and tell Tony. Call my mom. Go tell my dad. Tell my sisters. But, I had to keep calm like nothing happened. We decided we weren't going to tell anyone until later in the evening once we are home from work.

I met Tony outside in the parking lot and told him the awesome news. He was so excited, he lifted me up hugged and kissed me. It was the best!

So...we went about our day, like no big deal. The longest 4.5 hours ever!!!

I have to continue with the estrogen patches and progesterone shots until at least I see the doctor on our November 19th ultrasound. I cannot wait until these shots in my ass are done, I am so over it!!