Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Day We Found Out

written Tuesday October 28, 2014

I woke up about 3am and had to pee so badly, as I do every single night {seriously annoying btw}. I had quickly contemplated peeing on that lovely stick, but I thought, NO! Don't do that to yourself. Yesterday was a bad day because you bled in the morning, and had slight spotting!! So no, just relax and wait until the blood test on Thursday. So I peed and went right back to bed.

About 7a our alarm went off and I instantly thought...should I do it?!? Should I pee on the stick?? No!!! Don't make yourself crazy!! So, we got up and went about our morning routine. I prepared tea for Tony, I started putting out lunches together, stopped and went to the restroom. I decided to bite the bullet, just take the damn test.

I didn't want Tony knowing I was doing it because it would have freaked out on me to chill and stop stressing. Sneaky ol' me, I did it while he was running on the treadmill, so he couldn't hear me opening the package. And so I peed and then I just sat on the pot for a few minutes with my mind going a million miles a minute, knowing the test takes about 3-5 minutes. Yet, I kept looking over on the counter.

And no joke within a minute, A MINUTE!!!, it read PREGNANT!!!!
I finished up, washed my hands and ran out to Tony. I had the most gigantic smile on my face, meanwhile he is still running, and I put that pee stick in his face. He jumped off and we hugged and kissed and I cried. Yes, I totally cried. Something I never thought I would do, but I did. I cried happy happy tears. It was the best feeling. Literally all morning, we were all smiles. I literally could not stop talking about it.

I am pregnant. I have a child growing inside of me. We are going to have a baby!!!
{taken the morning we saw that gorgeous word on the pee stick}

We have been praying non-stop about having a child. We have said a million and one prayers, and God is so good. He has answered them. He is giving us the gift we have always wanted. We are growing our family and we couldn't be more grateful.

****At this point no one knows, just us two. We decided we wanted to wait for confirmation from the blood test, then we would tell our immediate family. Now with that being said, finding out the most amazing news ever and having to keep it in for a couple days is the hardest thing ever!! I so badly wanted to call up my mom and Aarika, and then when I saw my dad and Lauren at work tell them. But we agreed not I just try to go on about my day, try not to be too giddy at work. And wait for Thursday evening for the doctor to call with confirmation.


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Oh boy!!!! I can't even imagine your excitement!! YAY!! And then to have to keep in, you are wonder woman! I would have called my mom RIGHT.AWAY.!! :-)

Rebekah said...

I cannot stop saying how thrilled I am for you! I was really hoping it would work and it did! Such a blessing!