Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Baby Bump Day {Week 17}

How far along: 17 weeks

Baby Size: an onion, aka 5.1 inches and about 6oz.

Baby's Progress: baby has now learned to swallow, suck, and blink. 

Weight Gain: gained 1 pound, so I am up a total of 11 pounds since being on the IVF meds. Not sure how the baby grows, there's an increase in fluids, the uterus gets bigger, but not much weight is gained. Trust me, I am so not complaining, just something my sister and I were wondering about. I guess as long as the baby is growing properly, then all is good. 

Stretch Marks: none! I am lathering my body up with lotion and now started to add coconut oil as Aarika tells me it is the cure all for skin. Ok, maybe I exaggerated, but ya know what I mean. 

Sleep: surprisingly this week I have been sleeping through the night. I just get up about an hour earlier than needed to pee. But I am so relieved I've had a week of non-interrupted sleep. 

Gender: not yet... There was another attempt, but I still got the same result.... I see it's a girl. Oh wait, it actually could be a boy. For real?!?!? How am I the only one that is 17 weeks and has no idea??? There seem to be so many women out there who are far behind me and already know. I am getting impatient!!

Movement: only a couple flutters here and there, nothing like last week. At first I got a little nervous not feeling them much, but then I keep reminding myself that baby is ok, and the larger movements will be coming soon. 

Best moment this week: Mama got a new ride!! Well new to us at least. We got a used 2014 Ford F-150. I am beginning to realize I am totally a Ford girl. Especially the trucks. #somethinboutatruck
Looking forward to: Moving into our new place on Thursday. My mom coming to town for 2 weeks. And seeing my family this weekend at my cousin's baby shower for her little man, Landon. 

Food cravings: The last few days I have been loving eating Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast. Totally not a craving, they just taste reallllly good. I am wondering if women really crave things, like for real. Or if it's just a mental thing and we tell ourselves we want it because we are pregnant and can get away with it. Because ladies, if that's the case tell me and I know Tony will go out and get me whatever the hell I request ;)

Weirdest food I ate: nothing that I can think of. 

Anything making your queasy or sick: Nope.

What I miss: Let's be honest, I totally miss my drinks. I would love an iced cold beer or a nice glass of wine. I would love some sushi too. 

Symptoms: My tailbone has been hurting if I sit for an extended period of time. This has been going on for several weeks and I kind of just ignored it, but uncomfortable at times. Apparently this is caused by my uterus putting pressure against my tailbone, and ligaments stretching relaxing in order to be prepared for baby. 

Workouts: I need to step this up a bit. My ass and thighs are getting bigger by the day.  Or at least that's how I feel. So now that we will be moving into a new place where there's a gym with treadmills and  ellipticals and bicycles, this mama is stepping up her game and gettin' her cardio on like there's no tomorrow. With the obvious caution of making sure my heart rate doesn't go too high. 

Also, holy boobs!!!! I didn't expect my boobs to get too big being that I was relatively small prior to my boob job, but for real...It is such a relief to take my bra off at night; it's like they are free. And it feels absolutely ahhh- mazing!


Rebekah said...

You look great!! Don't stress about those little movements, you'll get regular movement soon! I felt james at 15 weeks and during the gender ultrasound at 18 weeks he was moving like crazy but I never felt it! I felt him on a regular basis at 19! I say cravings are totally real! I tried not to give into them too often but I CRAVED everything salty and sour. Like I totally cried and begged Dylan for salt and vinegar potato chips because I NEEDED that taste haha.

Holly said...

I had the same tailbone pain - can't tell you much to help, but it did go away after I had Chase. I never truly felt as if I craved anything, either...not to say some people don't crave, but I just didn't. However, I did start liking Caesar salad (never liked it before being pregnant) and loved covering any bread in Italian dressing (weird!). Ha! But to this day I still love Caesar salad and pouring Italian on bread, so I don't know that it was a true craving.

Kristina said...

I craved sushi, beer and wine like crazy. I did give in and have fresh water sushi towards the end of my pregnancy. Very little but enough to satisfy the cravings. That first glass of wine after baby arrived was soooooo good!

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