Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bump Day {Week 15}

{totally forgot to have Tony take a photo, so this quick "belly selfie" will have to do ;)}

how far along: 15 weeks

baby size: 4 inches; the size of an orange, which is kind of hilarious to me as I have been eating oranges like they are going out of style.

weight gain: I haven't gained anything in a couple weeks, thank goodness, because I had gained from the medications I was on. I am hoping I stay put for a bit. Total I have gained 10 pounds from starting the entire IVF process. I say that's not too bad... I'll take it for the little munchkin ;)

maternity clothes: mostly just pants. I have a couple maternity tops, but I can still wear most of my normal tops. I do have to say, I cannot wait until the temps get warmer so I can live in maxi dresses and skirts.

stretch marks: zero, and let's please keep it that way!

sleep: I get up about 2-3 times a night to pee. So needless to say my sleep pattern is getting ruined. I decided to stop drinking/cutting back on my water intake at about 7pm to see if that helps. Day 1 of it, I only got up to pee once :)

gender: not sure. hoping to find out today at my appointment!!!

movement: none

looking forward to: finding out what Baby A is.

food cravings: oranges. Like I said above, I have been eating them none stop. Oh and strawberries. No idea if it's even strawberry season, but we bought some from Whole Foods on Sunday... 3 containers for $10. We have 1 container left. #cannotgetenough

anything making you queasy or sick: no thank goodness.

what i miss: salami!! I love having salami, cheese and crackers for lunch. 

symptoms: none at the moment. 

workouts: I have picked up working out again, and you know I feel great! I am not over-doing it (mom!). I have cut waaaay back on the norm, but the 7.5 pounds I am using for biceps and triceps is enough at the moment. Slower, steady pace is definitely giving me a burn. I need to figure out some cardio though. At the moment living with my dad and getting home way after dark, not sure what to do. Walking could work, but it is pitch black where he lives, so not sure about that. Suggestions?!?! I don't want to do anything with too much pounding (jumping jacks, burpees, etc). 

best moment of the week: I bought my first piece for the nursery. Framed lyrics from Bob Dylan's 'Forever Young'. I am so excited to put it up!!


Holly said...

Ohhhhh!!!!!!! I am SO excited that you might get to find out the gender today!! It sounds like you're doing wonderfully. I'm so happy for you. And how awesome that you aren't having sickness or anything at the moment. This is one blessed baby to have a mom who worked so hard for him/her!!

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