Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Snow Puppy

Friday, the 2nd, we drove home from Texas and hit the biggest storm known to man. Ok, well known to Tony and me. We seriously have never been in anything like this, let alone had to drive in it. It was so stressful and scary. It normally takes 9 hours to get from my moms to the TX/NM border, lucky for us, it took 15 hours that day. 
At one point the traffic was stopped on the 10. Literally stopped for 30 minutes, people getting out their cars to see what's up, it was crazy. Thank God we had just filled up with gas, otherwise we would have been screwed! So while we waited and waited, Tony took Jaxx out on the side of the road to show him what snow is. He loved it!! Seriously, he was in heaven. Jumping and running around. It was hilarious! Then he started eating it :)
Day two, we thought we wouldn't see snow again, but when we took a pit stop later in NM, there was still snow on the sides of the roads/near the gas stations. So Tony took Jaxx out again, and he was just going nuts. Even though this dog's ancestry is from Africa, he was like a kid in a candy store with all the snow. 

Now to see what he does in the ocean :)

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