Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Baby Bump day {27}

how far along: 27 weeks. THIRD trimester!!! Seriously, how in the world am I already in the 3rd trimester?!?!? #hellofreakoutmoment
baby's size: Little miss is about 2-2.5 lbs and almost 15 inches long. 
baby's progress: She is practicing breathing. She currently has brain activity and her brain will continue to get more complex. Let's be real, my fingers crossed a child prodigy :-P

weight gain: Whose counting?!?! I'm pretty sure I haven't increase the scale number since last week. 

sleep: There are days where I sleep like a champ, such as Saturday night. Ah-mazing!!! Then other days where I wake up a million times due to hip pain. I am so looking forward to sleeping on my stomach sounds so heavenly right now. 

gender: Little miss!!! 
I find it so weird how different my belly looks day by day. The top picture was this morning, and the black and white picture was Tuesday morning, where I feel like I look so much bigger. 

movement: Girlfriend is moving more and more these days, and it isn't so much only in the evenings. I can feel her constantly throughout the day. I always wonder if when I'm wearing a tighter shirt if others can tell my belly is lopsided from all her movement. But seriously, I love feeling her move. It makes me so happy!!

best moment this week: Having a nice Easter lunch with just Tony. We talked, we people watched, we enjoyed delicious Italian food {that gave me heartburn}, and some fro-yo for dinner. 
looking forward to: Our little weekend getaway I'm planning. Waking up to no pup, relaxing all day long, enjoying alone time, and endless amounts of delicious food ;) I cannot wait!!! Oh and I'm pretty sure I will make it a requirement to have zero phone usage, unless it is being used to take a photo. 

what i miss: My hardcore workouts! I cannot wait to sweat like a pig again. To see definition in my arms and legs. And not be so exhausted walking up the stairs. Like I have said before, the things we do over and over for the ones we love! ;)

symptoms: The usual...tailbone and upper right side back pain. Oh and apparently the heartburn has hit. felt it the very first time on Monday and holy smokes it's uncomfortable. I haven't felt it this entire time, and now, now it comes....

The countdown is on! We can be meeting our little girl in anywhere from 9-13 weeks!!! Crazy!! Just crazy!! Maybe we should start preparing a little more. We have nothing yet. Just clothes that my mom has bought her. We are being total slackers! ;) 


Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

I was such a slacker and didn't have C's nursery done until right before she was born. If you are wearing tight shirts eventually others will be able to see the kicking/movement. I was in a work meeting once and they stopped to stare at the kicking happening under my shirt. It was embarassing!

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