Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Recap

I've got a non-pregnancy related post for you on this fabulous Monday! ;) I actually felt like blogging and had a few random things to share :)

Saturday afternoon I was in need of a yummy burger, so we headed to The Counter. And while figuring out what to order, I told myself...let's just eat for two today {well for this meal only}. So naturally I got a massive burger that was worth every.single.calorie!
We have been staying at my dads for the last week and will continue to do so for a few more weeks. While we're here Jaxx is in heaven. He has about 7 acres of land to run around and go crazy on. Speaking of going crazy...last Wednesday he chased down a rabbit. Yup, he got his first catch. We have a true hunting dog on our hands. It added so much excitement to our morning. Jaxx was so proud of himself. He was showing it off like it was a trophy. 
Easter morning was quite exciting. Jaxx and Oscar {my sisters dog} found 5 little bunnies, aka Peter Cottontail and his siblings ;). They were the cutest little boogers.  We  saved them from the dogs, but once all the commotion stopped, we put them back in their borough/nest so the mama could come feed them. Later, my dad actually saw the mama jump into the nest area to protect them.
 On Easter, there wasn't much going on on the home front, so Tony and I decided to head to lunch and just enjoy some one on one time. We went to Maggiano's because Tony reminded me that having Italian food on Easter is a tradition for him and we needed to oblige. So...we stuffed our faces with a tad too many carbs, but... it is always worth it. Right?!?
love this baby daddy of mine!!!

That pretty much summed up our weekend, other than enjoying to gorgeous sunshine, which naturally means working my tan. Seriously if you saw this belly of mine you would need sunglasses!! 

Happy Monday!!


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Love family time and I am sure everyone is so happy to be around you and your baby belly!! :-) So sweet! What a wonderful time! I am so happy to see that you are enjoying every minute!

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