Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baby Bump Day {33}

How in the world did I get to 33 weeks?!?!? No joke this pregnancy has flown by and it has been so easy, minus a few aches and pains and sleepless nights. But it will all be worth it once I hold our little miracle. 3 to 7 weeks left...shit man!! I feel like I will wake up one day and will be in the delivery room pushing her out. Lord please give me the strength for that, I am scared shitless!!!
I often think about our journey to parenthood and how exhausted and emotionally draining it has been, but in the end I think about how grateful and blessed we are to have IVF work the first time and to have 2 more viable embryos freezing so we can expand our family. Yes, I do think about expanding even though number 1 hasn't even arrived. I have always wanted a large family...Tony says let's stop at 2. We'll see.... we'll see ;)

* Little miss is anywhere from 4-6 pounds. Say what?!??! She better not be 6 pounds with several weeks left!!
* She is getting chunkier. Her bones are hardening. She keeps her eyes open now while awake. 
* She loves to kick/punch and dance around. It also feels like she is trying to stretch her entire body out, usually in the evenings. 
* Sleep doesn't happen consistently. I fall asleep on the couch, then wake up to move to the bed and it is just off and on all night long. My middle of my back hurts pretty much all the time, so it's a little difficult to get comfortable. 
* Hot flashes!!!
* I run out of breath all the time. The simplest task and I am huffing and puffing!
* Her nursery is almost complete. We have a crib, BOB stroller/jogger, rocking chair, pictures/items hung, clothes in closet (unwashed). Things are moving along!! Pictures coming soon.
* We had her baby shower this past Saturday. She is seriously loved!!! Thanks to my mom and sister for throwing a great shower!! They had everyone make little headbands and onesies...turned out super cute :)
* I cannot wait to sleep on my stomach!!! I think I am almost as excited about that as I am about having a nice glass of wine. 
* Did I mention for Mother's Day tony got me a gold bar necklace with her name on it. I haven't worn it yet, being that we aren't revealing it until she arrives. 
* I have a doctor appointment today, and then come June it is every week. 
* My other half {besides Tony, obviously} came out for a couple days, and I was just as happy as can be. I miss her like crazy!! She has spoiled this little peanut of ours. She just needs to move her butt back to California. 

32 week bump
I missed writing for the 32 week to moving and fixing up out house. But I did manage to get a photo.


Elena @ baby Ridley bump said...

Looking cute as ever mama! Love you in the stripes! Can't believe how close you are!?!?

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

You look amazing!! Having everyone make bows is such a sweet idea!

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