Monday, July 27, 2015

Luca's Birth Story

Luca Rose has arrived!!! 
{on July 6th}
I started having minor low back aches on July 3rd. Nothing to even take note of, just something that made me uncomfortable. July 4th, it was the same...although I know many people were hoping for a July 4th baby. 
The morning of July 5th, I woke up and just didn't feel great. My lower back constantly a dull ache, and every once in a while it would get slightly stronger. Mom and Jim were here, so the 4 of us just hung out throughout the day. We didn't do a whole lot because my back pain would be so painful, I just wasn't up for much. My friend, Dawn stopped by in the later morning/early afternoon to see how things were progressing and to bring me a yummy blended coffee. I downloaded an app to track my contractions and pretty much just had my phone attached to me all day so I could see if we were getting anywhere.
All day back labor was terrible. It kept getting stronger and stronger, but not really consistent enough to call the doctor or to even go into the hospital. I think I had only a handful of regular contractions, and it was awful because it was the same time back contractions were happening. Other than those few times, the entire labor was in my back. Tony made turkey burgers for dinner, we had some dessert and then it was just waiting to see if little Luca was going to make her grand entrance any time soon. 
As we were getting ready for bed, I tried to lay down but the pain was literally unbearable. I tried sitting up, I tried using a bunch of pillows, I tried laying on the couch. I took Tylenol. Nothing was helping.
About 11:30pm, I told Tony, I think it's time. I can't handle the pain anymore. So off we went to the hospital. By the time we arrived it was July 6th, the day before our due date. The day our baby girl would have a birth day.
We checked in and were brought to our room, 5311. I changed into the hospital gown and got settled between the horrific back pain. They hooked me up to the monitors and an IV, which made me have to pee more often that I already was. I was getting up going to the bathroom so often, and let me just say, having a contraction while sitting on the toilet!!! 
12:45am: The nurse checked to see how far dilated I was. Low and behold, I was only 2 cm, but 90% effaced. Ugh!!! Only 2 cm!!! She informed me I couldn't get an epidural because I wasn't far enough along and may end up being sent home. I asked for any pain meds and she kept telling me no, she wasn't allowed. About 30-60 minutes later a different nurse arrive. A nurse sent from heaven. She was so proactive, she got the doctor to approve medication. Hallelujah!!! Granted it was no epidural, but she saw how much pain I was in and did what she could. Once I received the pain medication, there was so much relief. I still felt my contractions like woah, but there was some relief. 
Oh side note...when we were driving to the hospital, Tony noticed he had a reaction to something; hives all over his body. So we called mom to pick up some non-drowsy Benadryl. Well once she arrived to the hospital about 30 minutes later, she said there was only regular. A few minutes later Tony was passed out! Thank goodness not much was going on, and thank goodness mom was there to comfort through contractions. 
Throughout the night, contractions got stronger but I was still not progressing. I tried watching tv to distract myself. I tried falling asleep. I just couldn't get my mind to shut off and calm down. Seriously, back labor sucks! I wouldn't wish it on anyone. 
6:00am: The nurse finally got the doctor to approve me to get an epidural. I was scared out of my mind. I had to sit crossed legged with my entire body relaxed in between contractions. my shoulders couldn't get relaxed because I was freaked out. she firsts give me a shot, which was the numbing stuff. It pinched so I totally twitched. She tells me in a stern voice not to do that. umm ok... Then literally 2 seconds later she was done. And within a few minutes I was pain free! 
Life was good. Like really good. I didn't feel a thing. It was heavenly. Everything was numb. I couldn't lift my legs. I couldn't feel my crotch. Thank goodness for the urine catheter ;)
10:30am: I was 6cm dilated but the baby not dropped. She was at station +2 (needs to be at -2) and turned sunny side up. The doctor informed us a sunny side up pregnancy would be so painful because her body can't bend properly when coming out. The nurse gave me pitocin to make contractions stronger, which would make her fall more into the vaginal canal. Well apparently I don't do well with pitocin, so they had to reduce the amount I was getting. 
1:45pm: The doctor came in to talk to us and said if she doesn't turn correct way or move through the birth canal within 2 hours, I would have to have a c-section. I tried not to get too disappointed or freak out from this because I just kept telling myself there is a reason. If that reason is to get Luca out safely, then so be it. 
2:45pm: The nurse came in and said the doctor informed her there is really no reason to wait, let's check you again and see where you're at. 9cm dilated and baby moved down the birth canal. No c-section!!!! Kelley and Lauren brought Tony and mom lunch. Just in time!! They pretty much scarfed it down. The girls hung out for a few minutes, then the nurse kicked them out as it was time to check my progress.
Between 3:00 & 3:15pm: The nurse checked me and I was 10cm dilated!!! Woo freakin' hoo!!! Thank the Lord!!! She asked if I wanted to try pushing. I thought eh why not. I didn't feel anything, so I told her she would have to tell me when to push. My legs were up on the stirrups, Tony and mom holding each leg and were to push them against my body when it was time for me to push. She watched the monitor, and during that first contraction, she saw Luca's head. She told me to stop, she had to go call the doctor and tell her it's time to roll. This baby is ready to come out! :)
The doctor rushed in, gowned up. The NICU team had to be there because there was meconium in the amniotic fluid. They needed to aspirate her before she took a breath. The first round of 3 pushes the doctor saw her head and told us she had hair. She had me put my hand down there so I could feel her head too. Then there was a second round of 3 pushes and as her head was pretty much just chillin' down there, partially out. The doctor was amusing everyone playing with Luca's her a mohawk. Everyone was cracking up, including myself. Such an odd thing I know, but thr doctor was just trying to make light of the situation. 
The last of the 3 rounds of pushing, a total of 9 fairly quick pushes, and Luca was out!!!
As soon as I saw her, I cried. A huge gust of emotion came over me and I felt like my heart exploded with love. Seeing her in real life and holding her for the hour of bonding was the most amazing feeling.  
July 6, 2015
6 lbs 10 oz
19.5 inches long
A head full of hair on her perfectly round head
Long fingers and toes
A swollen right eye
Perfect as can be!
We are so in love with her!!


Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

Totally just cried reading this. SO happy for you guys. After all you went thru, now she is here!!!! And she's beautiful!!! I did not have back labor but man, that sounds brutal.

Sara Lynn said...

I already said it on IG but seriously I am SO happy for you guys!!! Luca is absolutely beautiful!

Katie said...

AHHHHH I love this so so much! You were a champ and Luca is beautiful :):)

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