Monday, August 10, 2015

luca 1 month

Happy 1 month to my baby girl!

I cannot believe a month ago, I was having the worst contractions ever. I cannot believe we were actually admitted to the hospital to have a baby. To have you. To have our baby girl we have waited so long for. I cannot believe you are actually ours to bring home and have forever :) It is seriously the best feeling ever!

You have brought so much joy to our lives, there are no words to explain it. I always dreamed about being a momma, but when we hit the road blocks and had no answers, I got scared I would never experience it. Once we saw the positive pregnancy test, I was elated. We were elated. Knowing in a few short months later we would get to meet was literally all I could think about. 

I get to stay home with you every day right now and I absolutely love it. I wish I could stay home with you every day until you begin school. I love watching you grow. See the world through your eyes, even at such a young age is the coolest thing. Your little sounds and the smiles you make are my favorite. You love when momma holds you, I think it's because I've got the milk, but daddy says it's because I'm your favorite ;) but that's totally fine too. 

You have changed so much over the last month, it's crazy. Its excited, but I have also cried several times because time just flies by and I hate it. I am excited to see you grow, but I love you being so small too. 

I don't want to forget: The way you curl up on my chest when I hold you. The way you cross your arms on my chest and rest your head on them. The way you sleep with one arm always by your head/face. When you cry real tears while we aren't holding you, but once we pick you up you begin to stop and the little cry/sigh you let out is the cutest but saddest noise ever. The 'oohs' you make with your eyes wide open. How excited you get when momma feeds you; you literally cannot control your body. It's hilarious. I love see parts of daddy in you, and parts of me. You hate taking naps lately.... I am at a loss as to how to get you to sleep any time after 1pm. And you don't sleep through the night, so I assume you are overly exhausted. I just don't want you to cry it out at such  young age, it'll break my heart :( But for your growth and development you need to sleep. So...please start napping ;) I love to get you dressed every day. You have way more clothes than momma and daddy combined. One of my favorite things is the cuddles you give when you are super sleepy, usually after you wake up in the morning or after a morning nap. I just love being your momma. 
7.8- we brought you home from hospital. We had to watch your jaundice, so the doctor ordered us to stand out in the sun with you naked for 5 minutes prior to feeding you. 

7.9- we gave you soy formula in bottle at night to see if you would sleep and not be fussy. It worked, but I wasn't happy because I didn't want to give you anything other than breast milk. And once I read what is in forumla I was even more upset... so much crappy ingredients. So, I tried to give you breast milk much more often, just to ease my mind. 
7.10- you had your first breast milk bottle feeding

7.10- daddy got to feed you breast milk from the bottle for the first time

7.10- finally pooped at home....on mommy. you decided you had to go to the bathroom while I was holding you sans diaper, so.... mommy got pooped on. It was disgusting!! Yes, I screamed! It was the meconium poop, which I feel like is worse than just breastfed poop. But in the end I was happy because it had been several days since you went #2. 

7.10- Slept in crib for a nap

7.10- after birth check up: weighs 6lbs  3oz; all is well
7.11- rather than us holding her some way through the night, she slept on bassinet mattress on our bed.  It is raised a few inches and allows her to know we are right there by her side. We all got a few extra hours of amazing sleep.
7.12- first outing (besides doctors) was in the ergo to see uncle Erich
7.12- first bath was very nerve-wracking, but kind of hilarious event. you are so tiny and little, holding you while you were wet and bubbly was a bit of a task. But we managed and thank heavens you actually enjoyed bath time.

7.12- started smiling a lot and has become a happy baby while she is awake. 
7.16- I was changing your clothes and pops that umbilical cord stump
7.17- we went out on our first date for our anniversary for a couple hours while gramma watched you
7.18- drove to paso and met great grandparents (momma's grandparents)
7.19- drove to fresno to meet daddy's side
7.23- rolled from left side to right side while in your crib
8.1- you started recognizing momma and daddy. you follow us with your eyes. 
8.6- grocery shopping with momma alone; this was not nearly as bad as I had expected

You make our world a brighter place. You have stolen the hearts of everyone around, and let's be are totally everyones favorite. I am excited to see what this next month will bring us, besides more sleep.

We love you so so much!!!


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

She is beautiful and perfect! Congrats to you, you are a rock star!

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