Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Luca Rose: 3 months

Happy Three Months Baby Girl!!!

Dear Luca, 
The last 3 months have gone by so fast. There are days I don't even remember being pregnant because I feel like you have always been part of our lives. You have brought so much love and joy and laughter to our lives, you truly are a gift from God. I love being your momma and doing this thing called parenthood for you. 

-When momma smacks her lips, you get the biggest smile
-Watching Jaxx play with daddy. You love his tail wagging
-Eating, although you'd never think it by your size. You eat 4oz every 2-3 hours. Seriously you love food!!
-Sticking your tongue out...when you smile, when you play, when you concentrate
-Bath time. Momma even bathed you all on her own last Wednesday (I was nervous about washing your hair, but momma was a pro (duh)).
-Dean Martin music (daddy's favorite)
-When we hold you to practice standing 
-Chomping your hands and fingers, which brings drool for days ;)
-Talking and smiling and being happy

-You still don't like the carseat or driving for more than 20 minutes, sometimes even less....
-When we take the empty bottle away. You just love food!
-When new people hold you. You take your time warming up to new faces.
-When we leave you in the crib to play, and walk away, you yell for us to come back after about 5-10 min.
-But 99% of the time you love life!!

-You grab at our faces and your toys. You're learning and feeling what everything is all about :)
-You love tummy time, and it's usually when you talk the most. 
-You're a pro at rolling from tummy to back and/or back to tummy.
-You are able to sit up with pillows/blankets behind you. Until you realize that you can move, then you topple over.
-Within the last week, you have started trying to sit up when we lay you down or when you are in your carseat. I can see you using every single muscle in your body to just sit up like momma and daddy. 
-You always hold onto my shirt when I am feeding you. And once you're done, as you fall asleep you rest your hand on my boob.
-You have recently started smiling miffed. I look down at you and you just smile the biggest grin ever (I absolutely love it!!)
-You hold your pacifier in her mouth to make sure it doesn't fall out, but once you're done you pull it out and drop it. Or if you aren't totally finish you hang on to it and put it back in once you're ready to suck again.
-You follow momma with your eyes. Every place I walk, your eyes or head follow. I'm your favorite, I know ;) Or is it just that I have to booby lol
-You FINALLY!!!! began to sleep through the night. Hallelujah!!! Seriously the best, most amazing thing ever!!! You sleeps from about 8pm or 9 pm until 4am or 5am with a 2a or 3a feeding but fall right back asleep. Although, you still aren't a fan of naps...just a cat napper for the most part. 

We love you with all our heart Luca Rose!!!


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Wow, she is really growing up! She's got some pretty blue eyes!

Leigh said...

So cute!

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