Monday, December 7, 2015

Luca Rose: 5 months

How in the world is my baby girl already five months old?!?!? I absolutely love every single day I get to spend with her. I know being a stay at home mom isn't for everyone, but seriously I cannot get enough of Luca. She makes my life better. She makes me a better person. We love her so much!!

*holds the bottle while you eat. Not every feeding, but most times.
*so so close to sitting up for an extended period of time. Right now she sits up for about 20 seconds to a minute, depending on the time of day. 
*tries to pull herself up to sit... like if she is laying down she tries to sit up
*giggles!! this is music to my hears. my most favorite noise. ever!!
*grabs everything!! faces, all my hair, everything we eat or drink, every toy. literally everything.
*looks when we call her name.
*reaches for me and Tony as of last week. Talk about an esteem booster ;-P
*she is so long. she wears 3-6 months clothes, but all are big in the waist, but short or getting short in length.
*weighs about 14 pounds
*rolls around like crazy! it's her way to get around. 

*tummy time. Girlfriend always rolls onto her stomach and holds herself up. strong arms and neck muscles.
*when we read to her. I read "I don't want you to grow up", and every single time I said that (which is every page) she looked up at me and smiled. my heart melted.
*to touch my nose and mouth when she is falling asleep. maybe its a comfort thing?
*dance parties in the kitchen
*jaxx, she thinks he is hilarious
*to take everything in. she is a watcher like her momma

*when her bottle finishes 
*when people hold her she isn't sure of/doesn't remember. but she warms up within 30-60 min 

We love you so much Luca baby!!


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

She is precious!

vikramsingh said...

she is looking very pretty.

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