Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Luca Rose: 6 months

How in the world do I have a 6 month old already?!??!
My baby girl is 1/2 way to being a year old...a toddler :: let the momma tears roll!!! 
The lack of sleep for the last 184 days is completely worth it. Luca is the light of my life. She makes this world a better place. She is a life lover! And has taught me to relax and enjoy every second!!

*sitting up on her own so well!! I make sure she is sitting where there is padding around, so not on the hardwood floors, just in case she topples over. But seriously, she is doing amazing and has been for the past month
*grabs at everything with both hands. 
*I give her kisses and she grabs my face and gives me wide open kisses 
*had water for the first time in a bottle. a little unsure, but she drank it all
*I let her lick my cracker so her taste buds develop, she made a funky face but then kept licking
*She is trying so hard to sit up from a laying down position. she gets about half way, I'm sure using every single muscle in her body, but then falls back down. Although when she is on the couch with me slightly elevated, she is able to fully pull herself up to a seated position. 
*had her first food on 1.3.16, the sweet potatoes were a major hit!!! 
*had her first ER visit on 1.4.16 because of constipation. A total waste of time... they gave her a suppository that did absolutely nothing, and a prescription for another in case it's needed. Whelp, she is still struggling and in immense about of pain whens he tries to go. It totally breaks my heart that I can't get that little poop out for her. Poor girl has her momma's digestion problems :(
*she's 13 pounds 14 ounces

*to play with her feet and toes
*her jumper {she literally goes crazy bouncing in that thing}
*being around people and checking everything out
*watching Jaxx. she follows him with her eyes, always making sure she knows where he is and what he's doing. when we play outside with him, she laughs and laughs at him running around the back yard.
*dancing with momma
*when daddy talks to her
*reading. any and all books, she just gets the biggest smile on her face
*watching other babies/kids

*when her bottle is empty
*when she is alone in the backseat 
*how long it takes me to make a bottle. girlfriend doesn't realize half the time I'm doing it one handed because I'm holding her with the other hand 

Tony and I are so in love with this tiny human we created. She is the biggest blessing in our lives. It is so hard to imagine our lives without her. She is always so happy and smiley and content. Everyone comments on how gorgeous she is, well duh!! Look at her momma and daddy. I kid. Sorta :-P Right now Luca is totally a momma's girl. She loves being held by me and always makes sure she knows where I'm at. If I walk away, she follows me. Always has to have an eye on momma. And I kinda love it!! Now to get her to say momma first LOL

I have said it before and I will continue to say it, it is absolutely amazing to watch a tiny human learn. I have been fortunate enough, with some major life changes, to be at home with Luca. It is something I have always dreamed of and hoped for, and we are making it work. She and I have our little routines and I love it. With her getting older and learning more, it's becoming more exciting and interactive for the both of us. I love it!!


Sara Lynn said...

My nephew had the same problem with going #2 when he was around her age, my sister gave him prune juice and it really helped. I obviously am no doctor or expert but if you haven't tried it maybe look into it?

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

She is beautiful!

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