Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Casa Antenucci: What We Did

About this time last year we decided we wanted to buy a home. We knew we would use the VA loan, and we knew we wanted to buy in my hometown because it is one of the safest places to raise a family and still within driving distance of our then jobs. 
We searched high and low for homes within a certain price range. We put offers on many homes, and all fell through. Well, there was this one house, on one of the streets I grew up on, that we really liked from the curb appeal. I knew the neighborhood, I liked the location. We wanted to take a look. {Although we already put an offer on another home.}
Holy hell!!! No joke, I stepped in and wanted to immediately step out. This place was a disaster!! I couldn't look paste the cosmetic things. It was just too much nastiness! We continued to walk through, I knew Tony was looking at the potential. He saw beyond of dirty and gross. 
The offer on the other house was accepted. We got the inspection done. And needless to say...we backed out. So Tony called up the realtor and immediately put an offer on the dirty house mentioned above. Offer accepted. 
After a few more walk throughs, lots of bullshit from the owner, some stress, we officially got the home on April 17, 2015. Then begans the renovations!! Like I said... Holy Hell!!!
What we did/had help doing:
+gutted the entire kitchen {minus the tile floor...that's a project down the road}
+scrapped the ceilings
+ripped up all the carpet
+gutted the bathroom vanities & toilets
+tore out all the closet organizers
+peeled wallpaper out of the bathroom
+pulled the paneling off in the living room & entry way, and had to scrap the glue off as well 
+painted every single piece of wall
+put in wood floor throughout {minus kitchen and baths}
+put in ceiling fans in every room
+new cabinets and appliances in kitchen
+new vanities in bathrooms
+new mini blinds throughout
I may have missed something, but you get the idea....out with the old, in with the new!
What we will probably/eventually do:
+tile floor in kitchen & baths
+add central A/C {we have a heater}
+get closet doors
+repaint the exterior
+fix up front lawn & backyard
There was a lot of blood, sweat & tears {with the tears being from the pregnant lady who was exhausted, but wanted everything done so we could bring baby home to a nice clean house}
to be continued... with first up being the living room


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Oh wow! So much, can't wait to see pictures! I bet it's so homey!

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