Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Luca Rose {8 months}

Every single month Luca is getting more and more fun! Her personality is coming out and we love it. I think she is completely over these monthly photos though, I think this is the 2nd month I haven't received a smile while trying to attempt these #suchislife
She still absolutely loves food. She will eat anything we give her. Haven't tried really people food yet because for one she has zero champers and for her it makes me extremely nervous. My mom and I were having her suck on a frozen banana, well with enough slobber a piece came off and she choked a little. My heart sank, I turned white as a ghost! So, I am in NO rush! ;)
Although about a week after the fact, I was told by a fellow mommy the babies won't really choke on something right now, they will spit it out, not sure if I believe that. To each his own on how they feed their babies, right?

Also, scroll down to see the many faces she has started to make. They sure make us laugh every single day :) :)

*pulling herself up to standing position the last week or so. First time she did it was the from the floor and holding the couch cushions. Then the crib was next...now its everywhere
*goes from a laying down position to sitting up on her own.
*gives kisses to anyone who asks; but will give momma and daddy one without being asked :)
*sitting in a high chair at a restaurant
*sitting in the shopping cart
*still in 6 months clothes and even those are baggy on her. She had a doctor appt about 2 weeks ago and was about 14 pounds and about 27 inches.
*getting better in the carseat, as long as she isn't alone in the back... but we still have our moments, and seriously the only thing that calms her is singing ABC's over and over and over!!!! 

*talking. girlfriend is so vocal lately, its so fun to listen to. no words yet...except ababa (not sure what that is. loves to hear herself ;)
*any musical toys, especially animals sounds
*when we copy her. she throws her hands straight above her head and we copy, then she copies.
*playing peek-a-boo with auntie aarika
*licking any foods we have...apples, crackers, pears, chips, pretty much anything that isn't pureed.
*jaxx. she is becoming more brave with him and tries to climb all over and pull his hair/ear/everything.
*to put everything in her mouth. everything!!!!
*all items that aren't toys....phones, remotes, hairbrushes...

*we had a phase for about 2-3 weeks where she only wanted momma. I think we moved past it. Thank God!!!
*when we wipe her face/nose, she puts her hands up to stop us
*bibs! hats! headbands! beanies! sunglasses! after about a minute, she rides them off.
*sleeping through the night this last month. No idea what happened but I can pretty much guarantee she will wake up at 3-3:30a to have a bottle then fall back asleep until 6a. what the heck happened to a full nights sleep till 5a???

Luca baby, you light up our lives!!! You have brought so much happiness and joy to our hearts, we can't even remember what life was like without you. You are the greatest, happiest, funnest little person that we love with all our hearts. Your gummy smile is the best thing to wake up to. You truly are a gift from God and are so thankful he chose us to be your momma and daddy. We love you baby girl.


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Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

She is adorable!!! :-D

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