Thursday, April 7, 2016

Luca Rose: 9 months

Every single month gets more and more fun!! Luca's personality is coming out and she is seriously the most happy, funny, lovable baby. She makes our days that much brighter. Her laugh and her smile...oh and those bright baby blue....heart exploding over here!!

And I never want to forget how when I feed her, as soon as her bottle is empty, I replace it with a pacifier and put her against my chest. she snuggles and wraps her arms around me and falls asleep. It's on of my favorite things. 

(also, these pictures are getting more and more difficult. She WONT sit still, she just wants to play with the month sticker)

*started crawling on 3.7.16
*says 'mama mama'
*stands holding on the things or us, and is able to stand/balance alone for about 10-20 seconds
*crawls literally ALL over the house
*took a shower with mommy and daddy (she loved it!)
*when she gets so excited, she'll wrap her arms around our neck and snuggle her head in our neck. (it is seriously THE best!!)
*sticks out her tongue now when we are ready to wipe her face after eating
*celebrated her first St. Paddy's Day & first Easter
*babbles and talks all the time

*giving anyone and anything (yes all the stuff animals, the mirror, any toy...everything!)
*loves food. I haven't tried many solids because it literally freaks me out that she'll choke. Any suggestions??
*music and dancing with mommy and daddy
*peek a boo
*to crawl all over Jaxx
*the ABC's
*playing in the grass
*being around people
*laughing and being silly

*tightens her entire body when she doesnt want us to put her down... stubborn much ;)
*when we don't feed her fast enough or when the food is all gone
*when she's all alone in the backseat