Tuesday, May 17, 2016

i love you more than sleep

When I found out my nutritional company offers organic coffee, I about died. No joke!!
It was so refreshing to know that I could drink coffee that hasn't been handled and processed by machines and a ton of different chemicals. 

This coffee is slow-roasted, cool ground, smooth tasting just how every single morning should start. 

Also what's not to love when it contains green tea extract, trace minerals AND coconut oil?!?!

fun facts: 
// There have been several studies that show coffee is about as good as water. The main ingredient in coffee is water, which outweighs any diuretic effect that caffeine can have. Therefore, I say drink coffee all.day.long. .... just kidding-P

// Studies reveal that coffee actually benefits the liver—the main detoxifying organ in the body.

// Coffee is slightly acidic, leading some people to believe that coffee will soften teeth and lead to tooth decay. In addition, some people add a ton of sugar to coffee and sip on it for hours, exposing teeth to sugar and acid chronically. But, ironically, studies have shown that compounds in coffee can protect against tooth decay by acting as antibacterial agents, preventing bacteria from adhering to the surface of teeth. (Heck yes!!!)

// Coffee offers a ton of amazing health benefits, including better long-term cell, brain, and liver health.

Cheers to your this morning cup of goodness!!


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