Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Luca Rose {11 months}

Clearly I am super late at posting this... but hey, better late than never ;)

Little Miss Sassy pants is in full force lately. She has us cracking up on the regular, she is so much fun!! She knows what she wants and wont stop until she gets it, she is crazy stubborn {like daddy}, super smart {like a child prodigy or something ;-P jk}, she is friendly to everyone, and has a smile that stops me in my tracks. She is the best little human and I love her to pieces.

At her last doctor appt, which is technically her 9 month visit} she weighed 16.14 pounds and is 28.5 inches tall.

// walks holding onto everything. takes about 10 steps but gets so excited she loses balance
// waves bye and blows kisses
// pats us on the arms and back when we hold her...seriously the cutest thing ever
// loves to dance!!! favorite song & video is Cant stop the Feeling by JT
// loves looking at pics of herself
// kisses any picture of a baby, including herself
// loves food. eats ALL THE TIME
// sweet potatoes and hummus are her fav!! but pretty much anything we put in front of her she will eat. 
// definitely an italian girl with a love of carbs and cheese ;)
// just like her momma she doesn't like eggs too much 
// says momma, dada, baba (jaxx)
// points to everything!!! birds, planes, bugs
// picks up everything and hands it to us...sometimes it's the tiniest piece of lint or crumb, we takes it and say thank you and she smiles. 
// only 2 teeth still

crawling full speed away from jaxx...its a game and she cracks herself up
bath time
being tickled
having nose wiped
when there's no food left


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

She is seriously so precious! And I love that she rubs your arms! That is so sweet!! I bet she is super gentle :-)

John said...
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